The building was not insured, the owners said Sunday.

The fire started Saturday morning in the eastern section of the old factory, a sprawling, 158-year-old complex that sits between the north and southbound lanes of Interstate 75. Thick smoke billowed out the building Saturday, slowing traffic on I-75 North for hours and prompting fire officials to advise residents to stay indoors. At least 23 fire districts assisted; by Sunday afternoon, the smoke was gone and the advisory lifted. A few properties are naturally developed so their valuation would demonstrate distinctive evaluations than a property with old development even inside the comparable range.

Parts of the roof on the eastern part of the more than 1 million cubic-foot complex collapsed Saturday. More roofing collapsed Sunday under the weight of water that fire departments had sprayed on the building to contain the blaze, Thompson said. Firefighters Sunday were trying to keep flames from traveling to the undamaged portion of the building via catwalks.

Thompson said it was likely firefighters would be doing “fire protection for some time.” commercial property valuation based on rental income is not a basic layman business. It needs unique learning and ability.

Firefighters faced some difficulties in the old structure, which has a confusing array of rooms and stairwells on multiple floors, Thompson said. Complicating matters were the large holes that had been cut in the floor to facilitate the removal of old machinery. On the off chance that the real estate valuer needs critical aptitudes and mastery then he would not supply genuine evaluations for the target property.

“It’s a very confusing building, and we’ve been very careful not to send crews in,” she said. “It’s like a maze in there.” Business based Valuation is utilized to esteem property in reference to the business sector estimation of the comparable properties in the region. It is the most oftentimes utilized procedure.

The investors have talked about converting the complex into a mixed-use development that might include retail businesses and studio apartments, but no plans have been shown to the city, Brown said. Taken a toll valuation procedure is a strategy utilized by the real estate valuer to esteem property at the first cost of the property. It is utilized for property which need dynamic Business sector. Brown said he thought the building could still be developed.

“I’m sure that the part that burned is going to have to be torn down,” he said, “but the part that burned was only about one eighth of the building.”

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