Like the industrial market, there are a number of companies consolidating their office space. In the last few years, MCI WorldCom, MasterCard International and Express Scripts built large facilities to house all of their employees and office operations in one place.

Fred Alverson, spokesman for Assistant U.S. Attorney Kathleen Brinkman, said even if the Erpenbecks had been convicted of the attempted obstruction counts, the maximum sentence facing them would still have been 30 years — the same as what is possible for the conspiracy charge they admitted to.The taped conversations provided prosecutors with rock-solid evidence. In such a situation, the best that father and son could do is earn the sentence-reducing credit for admitting guilt and to get into Spiegel’s good graces as much as possible, Godsey said.

“(Credit for accepting responsibility) is a good reason to plead guilty if you think you’re in hot water. It gives incentive for people to not waste the court’s resources,” Godsey said.

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A few of the most recent design- build projects include CitiGroup ’ s new 515,000-square-foot regional corporate headquarters facility in O ’ Fallon, Missouri, and A.G. Edwards ’ 800,000-square-foot headquarters Downtown. These new consolidation projects come at a cost — both will leave large chunks of the companies ’ former office space behind.