”The condition is good because we are at the end of the century, and we will begin this new millennium by building this bell,” Cyril Paccard said. Land Valuation helps to improve your house and sell it in more prices.

Maintaining a watching brief on the rapidly growing field of Internet based construction procurement and tendering. Whilst BPF cannot support any one company in this developing arena, the Federation continues, through dialogue with the emerging enterprises, to encourage a common language which meets clients’ requirements.

Work was undertaken with the insurance industry to try and develop a satisfactory product that could lead to the development.

Based on these principles, the BPF continued dialogue with the ABI throughout the year, with both organisations opposed to any suggestion of a compulsory scheme. The two cardinal issues of stamp duty and securitisation dominated the BPF’s commercial property agenda throughout 1999 and into 2000.

Other lobbying efforts focused on enhancing the efficiency of the industry, by seeking to ensure that the new competition regime did not impose an excessive burden on property and the reform of the mergers regime. The Federation also launched the first in its series of standardised property documents.

The 0.5 per cent increase in stamp duty in the March 1999 Budget was in one sense a disappointment, in that the Federation had hoped to persuade the Government not to raise rates at all.