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Maintaining a watching brief on the rapidly growing field of Internet based construction procurement and tendering. Whilst BPF cannot support any one company in this developing arena, the Federation continues, through dialogue with the emerging enterprises, to encourage a common language which meets clients’ requirements.

Work was undertaken with the insurance industry to try and develop a satisfactory product that could lead to the development.

Based on these principles, the BPF continued dialogue with the ABI throughout the year, with both organisations opposed to any suggestion of a compulsory scheme. The two cardinal issues of stamp duty and securitisation dominated the BPF’s commercial property agenda throughout 1999 and into 2000.

Other lobbying efforts focused on enhancing the efficiency of the industry, by seeking to ensure that the new competition regime did not impose an excessive burden on property and the reform of the mergers regime. The Federation also launched the first in its series of standardised property documents.

The 0.5 per cent increase in stamp duty in the March 1999 Budget was in one sense a disappointment, in that the Federation had hoped to persuade the Government not to raise rates at all.

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In the year ahead, opportunities for developers and landlords will lie in a few choice markets. St. Charles County is a prime location due to its growing population, skilled labor force, less expensive land and convenient interstate access. It does not have a large amount of multi-tenant office space, presenting a good opportunity for the right development. Clayton, one of St. Louis ’ tony locations, is a tight submarket — especially for Class A buildings — and is a strong candidate for potential development.

While the number of large tenants looking for space are few and far between, there are companies that recently took large blocks of space off the market. These include the 80,000 square feet Nexstar subleased from McCleod USA in St. Charles, the 60,267 square feet Express Scripts leased at Riverport Tower in Earth City, the 66,540 square feet Scottrade, Inc. subleased from Amdocs at Corporate Hill IV, and the 66,093 square feet MHP leased at Corporate Plaza in the Highway 40/Chesterfield submarket. All of these companies expanded into more space than previously occupied.

Despite weak fundamentals, low interest rates enticed a few buyers into the market. The 342,660-square-foot 1010 Market building was recently purchased by BGK Properties from CIGNA Investment Real Estate for $16.3 million.

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Cornerstone Equities bought West Park I from RREEF Funds for $11.4 million. In 2004, there will be more opportunistic buys to be had — before vacancies decline and interest rates rise.

The year ahead will be an interesting period in the office market cycle. The semi-recovered market is at a fork in the road. If interest rates stay low, the economy grows, companies start expanding, and new construction remains at a trickle, the market will slowly climb upward.

However, if rates increase and the economy does not improve, absorption will stay low and it will be hard for the market to sustain any type of recovery.